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The Art Of Sales Relationships

No matter what product you sell,
your success depends on your ability to build successful relationships with your customers.

Building relationships is an art.
Top salespeople excel at the art of building relationships.


Three Factors Are Critical To Building Successful Sales Relationships:
Your Choices
Your Communication Skills
Your Ability To Read Your Customer

All of these factors are at the core of this workshop, conducted in two half-day sessions. Building on them as basic principles, participants will learn how to master the art of cultivating strong relationships with their customers. Stimulating presentations, informative handouts, and helpful exercises guide them through the steps involved in:

  • Understanding and mastering the power of the choices they make and the implications of those choices for how they communicate with and relate to their customers.

  • Learning and practicing the key principles of effective communication.

  • Developing the ability to read customers and applying it to the four major phases of selling:

Establishing Rapport
Persuading Customers To Buy
Overcoming Objections
Closing The Deal

Participants will leave this workshop with individually tailored Action Plans to help them apply what they have learned in their own work settings.

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The Art Of Sales Relationships