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Develop Effective Teamwork

The delivery of customer-valued products and services to customers is a complex process. 
It is a process that calls for a high level of organizational team-work.

When people are self-centered, competitive, and defensive, 
they erode levels of trust in one another. 
An organization with this dysfunctional atmosphere
is an organization with a
Survival Culture.

People who non-defensively work toward a common goal build levels of trust in one another. 
An organization with this functional atmosphere
is an organization with a
Team Culture.

 Teamwork Thrives In A Team Culture

In this workshop, you will learn practical guidelines for cultivating the attitudes and behaviors that promote a team culture, a culture in which people in and between all departments work as one team.




People Promote Their Own Agendas
—this disrupts and sidetracks discussions

People Promote The Team Agenda
—this directs discussions to the tasks at hand

People Are Focused On Finding Fault
— this impedes team accomplishments

People Are Focused On Solving Problems
—this increases team accomplishments

People Reject Diverse Opinions
—this deters people from offering new ideas

People Support Diverse Opinions
—this invites people to offer new ideas

People Are Critical And Judgmental
—this fosters defensive behaviors

People Are Uncritical And Nonjudgmental
—this makes it safe for people to take risks

People Withhold Things About Themselves
—this weakens team member bonds

People Share Things About Themselves
—this strengthens team member bonds

People Don’t Show Respect For Each Other
— this discourages greater participation

People Show Respect For Each Other
—this encourages greater participation

You will learn how to create conditions in the workplace that increase everyone’s desire to engage in team behavior. You will learn how to minimize barriers to team behavior. You will learn how to energize everyone in your organization as a whole, pulling in the same direction.

By applying what you learn in this workshop will find communication open and widespread in your organization, characterized by mutual respect and trust. You will see departments cooperating, people helping each other out no matter in which department they work. People will initiate actions on their own for the common good. Managers will serve as facilitators and supporters rather than traffic cops and controllers. Throughout your organization, people will feel a sense of camaraderie, a commonality of direction, an alignment to a shared purpose. 

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