Standard Training Formats:

Training Sessions On Or Off Site Attended By Organizational Personnel

Hire and Retain Quality People

There is no magic bullet formula that can be applied to every organization to ensure perfect hiring and long-term retention of employees. Organizational cultures differ. What works in one culture may not work in another. Hiring and retention efforts must be tailored to the specific culture of the organization.

Hiring and retaining outstanding employees are a function of a number of interacting factors: pay and perks that are competitive in the local marketplace; knowing what you are looking for; finding someone to match what you are looking for; finding someone who is compatible with the organizational culture; effective screening of candidates; skilled interviews; steps used to help the new employee fit into the organization; the training, coaching, and support given to employees; and the degree to which managers facilitate internal motivation. Critical questions must be asked and specific steps taken during each of the following eight phases of a hiring and retention process.




— 1 —
What You Are Looking For

— 5—
Implement An Effective Orientation Process

Match to:
Mission & Values of the Organizational Culture

Study Your Best:
Skills u Knowledge
Talent u Experience

Anchor Orientation in Mission, Values, & Culture
Provide Employee with Needed Information
Assign Employee to a Mentor

Include Analysis of Exit Interviews

Involve Managers & Include Tour of Organization

— 2 —
An Effective Screening Metric

— 6 —
An Effective Training Program

Key Questions About:
Skills u Talent
Knowledge u Experience

Include Organizational Mission & Values, Product Knowledge, Relevant Work Processes, and Interpersonal Skills

— 3 —
Appropriate Interview Questions

— 7 —
Coach, Support, & Track Performance During Probationary Period

Direct Knowledge & Skills Questions
Follow-Up Experience Questions
Open-Ended Questions for Talent Interview

Use Performance-Based Tracking Method
Department Meetings Include Team Support
Manager and Mentor Coach Daily

— 4 —
Interview And Decide

— 8 —
Facilitate Internal Motivation

Interviews for
Non-Talent Attributes

Interview for Talent
Stands Alone

Identify Employee’s Internal Needs
Match Needs to Incentives

Involve Other Employees
in Interviews & Hiring Decisions

Reward Long-Term Employment
with Special Incentives

In this Workshop you will learn a series of structured steps to help you hire and retain quality people. You will learn how to reshape your hiring, orientation, and associated management and motivational practices. This approach is based on more than 30 years of experience in both private and public organizations training managers, improving processes, and developing organization-wide teamwork.

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