Standard Training Formats:

Training Sessions On Or Off Site Attended By Organizational Personnel

Manager Seminars

In many organizations, managers and supervisors come up through the ranks.
They learn to manage as they go, from examples set by their managers and by trial and error.

Meanwhile, current publications offer new management ideas, strategies, and techniques. 
This new information is helps managers and supervisors develop their skills and competence.

Arnie Dahlke Offers Manager Seminars

The content of these seminars is tailored to client needs—from relatively inexperienced manager groups who need to learn the fundamentals of management to more experienced groups who want to learn the latest management ideas and techniques. The seminars are focused on a variety of topics:

  • Update Seminars. Busy managers frequently do not have the time to keep up with advances in their profession—the profession of management. Update Seminars present new approaches to management, drawn and adapted from current books and articles.

  • Running Effective Meetings. One of the biggest manager complaints is “too many meetings.” Participants in this seminar learn helpful principles for running efficient, effective meetings.

  • Successfully Managing Stress. Managing can be extremely stressful. This seminar teaches people techniques for reducing stress, providing them with numerous practice exercises.

  • Managing Teams. Teamwork is at the heart of any organization’s success. Successful teams are effectively managed. This seminar focuses on managing teams to get the best from them.

  • Leadership Management. Leading is an art. Managers who are good at leading inspire and capture the loyalty of the people they lead. This seminar presents guidelines for leadership management.

  • Keys to Managing Your Time. Managing time well is one of the most important attributes of successful managers. This seminar shows participants how to effectively manage their time.

  • Communication And Relationship Building. This seminar presents helpful techniques for communicating in ways that build the positive relationships required for business success.

Seminars such as these are tailored to the needs of an organization and generally conducted in a half-day session, onsite. Participants practice what they learn and walk away from them with helpful handouts.

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