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In launching a new product or service,
customer insights are invaluable.

When changing customer delivery processes,
customer reactions are very helpful.

Arnie Dahlke Facilitates Customer Focus Groups

In conducting a focus group, Arnie facilitates a discussion among a group of from eight to twelve regular customers. He begins with a set of stimulus questions designed to focus participants on the topic at hand, such as a new product or service, or the redesign of a customer delivery process.

A focus group is not a rigorous evaluation technique. Rather, it is a useful for collecting helpful ideas and gathering suggestions from the very customers who will benefit from the product or service.

Focus groups can be used:

  • To get opinions, attitudes, and preferences from customers about existing products, services, and customer delivery processes.

  • To gather ideas for potential solutions to existing problems concerning products and services.

  • To obtain current customer reactions to proposed new products, services, or redesigned processes.

  • As a kind of brainstorming session that yields new ideas and insights from customers about the topics being discussed.

  • To verify or clarify conclusions drawn from customer surveys.

Typically, with the permission of participants, a focus group discussion is documented to capture the ideas, opinions, and attitudes of customer participants. Comfortable chairs and refreshments, or even a full meal, are provided. Questionnaires are often used to stimulate discussions. Graphics are also used, such as pictures of products or flow charts of processes. In some cases, new product demonstrations are introduced.

A Focus Groups Is An Important Tool
For Enhancing The Delivery Of Customer Valued Products And Services.

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