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Successful organizations excel at creating customer value.
Creating customer value is based on always knowing what customers want.

Determine if customers are getting what they want.
Establish an ongoing measurement process.

Arnie Dahlke Offers Customer Exit Surveys

     Many organizations periodically conduct telephone interviews with a sample of their customers or send them surveys by mail or email. Arnie goes a step further. Based on his assumption that the best kind of feedback from customers is continuous feedback:

  • He designs exit surveys, specifically tailored to an organization, to be given to every customer receiving a product or service. The surveys include both qualitative and quantitative information.

  • He develops special strategies for maximizing the number of customers responding to the surveys, such as the use of contests or incentives.

  • He builds easy-to-use software programs that enable organizations to analyze the survey results themselves on an ongoing basis.

  • He trains people how to make the best use of exit survey results to improve product and service quality, existing delivery processes, and the quality of employee performance.

The aim is to get feedback from every customer if possible, not just the people who are unhappy with your product and/or service. The goal is to obtain helpful observations and suggestions, not simply numerical ratings.

The goal is to partner with customers in developing the highest quality product and service.

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