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Things donít always go as planned in the day-to-day functioning of an organization.
Invariably, problems come up involving people and processes.

Arnie Dahlke Offers On-The-Spot Coaching, Facilitating, And Training
As Needed To Address Specific Problems As They Occur

Drawing on his extensive experience with organizations in the private and public sectors, Arnie Dahlke helps organizations put out fires. Examples of his on-the-spot assistance include:

Coaching and training people with special needs, such as managers working toward promotion, people seeking to acquire better customer relations skills, requests to improve communication breakdowns between sections or departments, and individuals wanting to develop specific skills, such as time management or delegating.

Facilitating groups who have
heard and/or learned about special problem-solving techniques and
want to apply them in the solution
of specific problems they are experiencing or tasks they are
trying to complete. Examples include such tools as Mind
Mapping, Decision Tree Analysis, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Grid Analysis, Pareto Analysis, SWOT Analysis, and Criticial Path Analysis. These techniques are applicable to a variety of problems
or tasks as they come up, such
as planning an organizational

retreat; developing an employee orientation video; and improving customer service.

Conducting training-on-demand to handle problems when they occur, such as: conflict resolution between individual employees or sections or departments; improving writing and reporting skills; coping

with organizational changes, large or small; negotiating and mediation focused on dissatisfied customers; sensitive and constructive disciplining; motivating employees who are under-performing; developing an appropriate incentive system; improving communication between departments and sections, supportive strategic

planning involving everyone from top management to front line employees; etc. Problems may be solved in less than a day or after a more extensive time-period, depending on the problems or tasks being addressed. This may involve a small group of individuals or entire sections or departments.

The aim of Problem-Solving Consulting is to help organizations become more successful.

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