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More than ever before, todayís marketplace is constantly changing. 
Consumers are more educated, more demanding, and more aware of their options.

These changes call for organizations to adapt with new strategies and new learning. 
This is especially important for managers who are the key drivers of an organization.

Arnie Dahlke Offers Onsite, Ongoing Manager Training Programs

Training is conducted on a weekly basis. Each one or two hour session offers helpful information, practical tips, and structured exercises to guide managers in applying what they learn to their own work settings. 
Training sessions focus on and support the following four core competencies of managers:

Manager training is grounded in two very important principles:

1. Management is a true profession. Like any professional, managers must keep up     with new information, new theories, new techniques, and new technologies associated with the profession of management. Sessions include material drawn from the latest management research and thinking.

2. The primary role of a manager is to bring out the best from their employees. Twenty-first century managers support their employees, helping them unleash their talents and develop their skills. They are constantly aware that individual employees are the organizationís most important resource.

Training Is Tailored To Specific Client Needs And Occurs
At Any Or All Levels Of An Organization

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