By Arnie Dahlke

We have become a service economy in which every employee in an organization is interconnected with every other employee in a web of service to customers.

Outstanding service depends on effective teamwork. Effective teamwork cannot take place in a culture that does not facilitate it, whether a mom and pop store or a giant conglomerate, or whether a small city government or a large federal bureaucracy.

In this book, based on many years of teambuilding experience working with a diversity of employees in private and public organizations at every organizational level from a City Manager and his staff to the front line dealership employee who parks cars, Arnie Dahlke offers a step-by-step, integrated approach to building an organization-wide team.

Successfully cultivating teamwork is an ongoing, constantly changing, dynamic process. It involves every single individual in an organization. It is not simply something managers bring back from a weekend seminar to spread among their employees.

Typical approaches to building teamwork are piece-meal. Companies whisk top managers off to a two or three day teambuilding retreat. Some send people
to workshops to learn how teams
function. Managers talk “team” until it loses its meaning.

These approaches miss the big picture. They fail to involve everyone at the same time. They are like fast-food restaurants.

The problem is that the feeling of being a team generated during a teambuilding workshop typically doesn’t last very long. Everyone returns to the office excited and motivated. But after a short time, it is business as usual. The norms of the old organizational culture take over. The emotional bounce of the teambuilding exuberance fades into the past.

The approach described in this book has a different focus. Arnie Dahlke offers an integrated set of seven, on-the-job, teambuilding strategies that continuously involve every person in the organization, day after day after day.

From the very beginning, a team-oriented culture grows like a snowball rolling down hill, and then continues to grow and grow.

The end result (which truly never ends) is a company-wide team, a Whole Team.

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