By Arnie Dahlke


     Every business today is faced with an enormous challenge - an economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression on a world-wide scale. Homes foreclosing. Banks failing. Businesses closing. Jobs lost. Consumers not spending. 
     Faced with this enormous challenge, what does a business do to survive and keep its head above the bottom line?


Imagine a two dimensional world called Flatland where creatures only have length and width, but 

Based on Edwin A. Abbott's "Flatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions"

no depth. Instead of the three-dimensional human beings in this world, Flatlanders are two-dimensional—squares, circles and triangles. Enjoying a comfortable life in their flat world, they know nothing of the third dimension.

The Third Dimension

     One day, a sphere approaches Flatland. Being a curious creature, he decides to visit the Flatlanders.

     But since Flatland has only length and width, they see him as a circle, where he intersects the plane of their world. They simply cannot comprehend the third dimension!

Business In Today’s Economic Crisis

In the current economic crisis, many businesses are Flatlanders. They are thinking short-term 

instead of long-term. They are focusing on survival. They are turning to traditional methods of staying alive—cutting labor costs, contractor costs, materials costs, and services. They are trying to pair down, while doing business the same way!

Your Business Must Rise Above Flatland!

     Look at your business from a different angle. Think outside and above the old ways of doing things.
     Harness the thinking and creativity of every one of your employees.
     Pull them together in groups to brainstorm and invent new ways of existing that won’t short-change customers.

     Adaptnthrive® is a special technique for helping your business to Rise Above Flatland!

Use Adaptnthrive® to Meet Today’s Challenges!

     Adaptnthrive® is a special strategy designed to help organizations meet the challenges of today’s economic crisis—to thrive instead of simply survive.

It is a method for harnessing the thinking and creativity of people at every level from the CEO to front line employees. It is designed to facilitate organizations to step outside their old ways of doing things to invent new approaches and translate them into goals and implementable action plans.

     The Adaptnthrive® strategy is rooted in several approaches:

  • ParPlan (Participatory Planning), a technique for long range strategic planning that stimulates people to invent new ways of approaching old situations by “leaping into the future.”

  • Strike Teams, a unique participatory, team-oriented approach to process change that involves people at the heart of and responsible for process implementation.

  • Participative Surveys, a participative measuring process for benchmarking that brings people together throughout an organization to solve problems and improve processes.

     Adaptnthrive® is tailored and adapted to specific organizational environments. It can be used in a three-day, off-site retreat or in an ongoing, on-site setting. It is adaptable to an entire organization or to a specific department or operation.

In each case, the emphasis is on getting everyone involved in transforming the organization to thrive in the face of today’s challenging economy.

Use Adaptnthrive® to Rise Above Flatland!


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