By Arnie Dahlke

PROACTEAM is specifically designed to maintain a strong climate of employee trust in management’s decisions and actions during a downturn economy. Maintaining this trust is critical to constructively meeting the challenge of diminished resources.

Typically, managers respond to a budget crisis with a Curtailing Strategy, cutting labor and as many other costs as they can. This usually results in organization-wide stress, as well as diminished productivity and quality of service.

By contrast, PROACTEAM is a positive, Strengthening Strat­egy that harnesses the team power of every employee to develop proactive solutions to the problems resulting from reduced budgets.

The PROACTEAM approach consists of a series of steps in a three-pronged plan of action: (1) to cultivate a trusting climate at all organizational levels; (2) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes; and (3) to develop organization-wide team­work.

History shows that people have a remarkable ability to come together during times of crises. The PROACTEAM approach helps managers transform the economic crisis into an opportunity for everyone to come together and strengthen the organization.

A key element of this approach is the recognition by every person in the organization that stakeholders—those people who have something invested in or receive products or services from the organization—expect to receive the same quality and quantity of service they received prior to tighter budgets.

The Three-Pronged Strategy of PROACTEAM

1. Cultivating a Trusting Climate

During an economic downturn, employees become wary, less trusting of the decisions and actions of management. Knowing that salaries are the largest component of budgets, they worry about layoffs and their own job security. The result is a climate of low morale in which quality and productivity of work suffer.

PROACTEAMä immediately focuses on changing this climate with a series of specific steps designed to develop positive, supportive leadership, including interactive round-table sessions that bring every­one together to discuss creative ways to approach the crisis at hand.

The goal is to build a trusting, proactive climate among people at all levels of the organiza­tion.

2. Improving Processes

In good economic times, people tend to be more service oriented and less process oriented. They do what they need to do to accomplish their work and generally are not always concerned about analyzing their work processes. Efficient work processes are particularly important during am economic crisis in order to maintain quality service to customers. The challenge is to involve every person in the organization in improving work processes, even though some people may be fearful of doing this because it will show management things can be done with fewer people.

PROACTEAMä meets this challenge and addresses such fears with a series of specific steps that provide people with the tools and strategies needed to identify and develop process changes they can make that will result in a reduction of materials and person-hour costs.

The goal is to create a positive, problem-solving mindset that drives people to find ways of meeting the challenge of a reduced budget while minimizing its impact on personnel cutbacks.

3. Developing Organization-Wide Teamwork

A common problem in many organizations is the complex interrelationship of work proc­esses. Frequently, this leads to inconsisten­cies in policy interpretations, duplications of effort, mistakes that multiply and generate turf wars, and other such exam­ples of events that occur when people are not working together as effectively as they can.

PROACTEAMä implements specific steps aimed at solving the problems asso­ciated with the complexity of work process interrelationships. The steps are designed to build organiza­tion-wide teamwork and draw every­one into the challenge of coming up with creative solutions.

The goal is to instill an interdependent mindset in people at all levels that guides them to working more effectively together as one team.

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