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Three significant trends are evident as we move through the beginning of the 21st century: 

    (1) The growth of global corporations in a growing global economy.

   (2) A shift in the US economy from a manufacturing economy to a service economy.

   (3) The widespread growth and applicability of information technology.

   (4) The entrance of new tech-savy generations in the workplace.

These changes require organizations to develop new strategies, employ new techniques, and train their people in new ways of doing business and satisfying customers. Every week, new books and articles arrive in the marketplace, filled with useful ideas, new ways to look at things, and tips and techniques to help organizations adjust to today's business trends.

Meanwhile, many new managers come up through the ranks. They learn how to manage as they go, from examples set for them by their managers, and by trial and error.

Further, moving into their new managerial roles from their own specialty areas, they often do not see their new position as a profession of its own. Unlike professionals in other fields, they don’t take the time to keep up with new developments in the fields of management and supervision. They are too busy putting out daily fires.

Many of them are unaware of the continuous stream of new books and other publications in their profession. Unfortunately, even if they are aware, many are not in the habit of reading. Or they have no time or energy to read, after working long, hard hours and constantly dealing with deadlines and crises. Even managers with MBA degrees often don’t have the time to keep up with their chosen field.

Arnie Dahlke’s Management Update Seminars are designed to keep managers abreast of the latest ideas in their profession of management.

Update Seminars are workshops in which managers learn the latest management ideas and techniques drawn and adapted from current books and articles. The Seminars include helpful information, practical tips, and structured exercises to guide managers in applying what they learn to their own organizations. Examples of recent books include:

Imagine Designing 

The Best Company On Earth

To Work For!

The First Model To

Seamlessly Integrate Leadership,

Followership, And Partnerships.

Meeting The Management Challenges

In Dealing With The Rapid Growth

Of Millennials In The Workplace

This book describes a workplace that leads to sustained performance—a strong, attractive workplace culture. The authors describe ways of assessing company performance and what must be done by leaders as they transform their organizations.

The authors describe the dynamic relationship between leadership and followership as dynamic and ever ever-evolving. In discussion both roles, they provide guidelines for better coaching, mentoring, and skill development. The result: stronger teams..

Millennials are on the road  to dominating tthe greatest mix of generations in in the workforce history. This book offers research-based guidance for building relationships with millennias, motivating them, and getting the most out of them.

Depending on his arrangement with a client, Arnie conducts these sessions in two formats:

Typically, the seminar is a three hour, half-day session (or six hour, full day session for larger publications) made up of structured exercises constructed around a new publication, in which participants discuss ways of tailoring and applying what they learn to their own organizations.

Alternatively, the seminar is a one and a half to two hour breakfast or lunch meeting to present a summary of the key elements of a publication along with a guided discussion about applying those elements to a participant’s own work setting.

In these sessions (held either on-site or off-site, depending on client needs), Arnie stimulates participants to see themselves as professional managers, opening them up to new paths of professional development

Management Update Seminars reinforce an organizational atmosphere of learning, learning, and more learning. In today’s service-oriented, global, IT world, organizations will greatly benefit by actively valuing, emphasizing, and fostering constant learning. Managers are better at what they do when they gain new knowledge and learn new skills.

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