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Businesses in today’s 21st century world face challenges never before seen: new technologies, globalization, a more diverse and multi-generational workforce, and more informed and inter-connected customers. Desperate to survive, many organizations are clinging to their old ways of doing things-- cutting costs and tightening command structures and operating procedures. Survival means everything to them! 

Adaptnthrive® is a special strategy for helping organizations look beyond their old ways of doing things to innovate and reinvent themselves—to thrive instead of simply survive. It is a strategy tailored and adapted to specific organizational environments. It is adaptable to an entire organization or to a specific department or operation.

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Every week, new books and articles are published, filled with useful ideas, new ways to look at things, and tips and techniques to help managers do a better job and organizations to be more successful.

Management Update Seminars are designed to keep managers abreast of these latest ideas. They are workshops in which managers learn the latest management ideas and techniques drawn and adapted from current books and articles. The Seminars include helpful information, practical tips, and structured exercises to guide managers in applying what they learn to their own organizations.

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